Quality Control is required for every software or website because it checks that whether the software or website is working as per client’s requirements or not. We use a set of Quality control software to check the developed website, portal or application meet the required specifications or functions.

Quality Control includes

It includes Unit testing and Integration Testing, Code Review, Test Plan Review, Test Cases Review and many other testing procedures to make your product to meet as per your expectations.

Technobits Digital offers these quality control services for various verticals like Medical Records, Healthcare, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Recruitment Management System(RMS) Medical Transcription, Auctions Sites, Payment gateway solutions, Contact Management System (CMS), Shopping Carts, Appointment Reminder solutions, Time and Attendance tracking solutions and much more..

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Custom Testing

In Custom Testing, We test your
application as per your choice..

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the maintenance
of a desired level of quality..

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