What Should You Do When your Domain Name Isn’t Available?

Domain Name Isn’t Available
Sep 18 2017
When your Domain Name Isn’t Available?

Before going into alternative ways of registering your domain name, it’s essential for you to take a step back and think about your plan on bringing traffic to your website. If your website will primarily be used in offline advertising like TV ads, posters, or business cards, it is critical that your domain be easy to spell.

If your domain name is already registered then Inventing a new word related to your business might seem like a fantastic idea and an easy way to get your perfect domain, but it can have unintended significance. For example, the online photo service Flickr lost 3.6 million unique visits a year to

Alternatively, social news sites,, live workout app,, and domain reseller, all were able to maximize on their short made-up word domains because they were unique enough to not be confused with anything else.

Recapitulate on Your Domain Name Idea

Here are a few things that can help you to get started:

  • The best way is to get your domain name is not using a .com if most of your traffic flow comes from sources other than direct type-in traffic.  If you use an efficient marketing strategy and good ads can help you to reach your users. And search users can directly search your site regardless it is .com, .net or .org.
  • You can either use using one of the new top-level domains (TLDs) like .agency, .jobs, .online, or something suite for your business. It still will not matter if your traffic has come primarily from search and referral sources.
  • Try to use synonyms. Use an online phrasebook, like, to come up with word substitutes similar to your original idea of business.
  • You can also use domain name suggestion tools like or which also provide alternatives in other languages. It may happen that you will not like the suggestions that these tools recommend you, but at least they will give you some creative ideas for your domain name.
  • If your domain name contains several words in your, then try reshuffling their order if you can. Sometimes your desired order may not be available as a domain name, but the alternative may be. may not be available, but could be. If you have limited words in your domain name, you may want to consider adding one, which brings us to the next suggestion.
  • Add an extra word to your domain name. is not available? How about trying Indias Sometimes adding some fun descriptive words will not only make your domain and business name more unique and available but also take your trade name’s marketing from “OK” to “WOW!”
  • You can also just add words like “best” “online” “NO one” to get your choice of the domain name.

Best Domain Practices

No matter what domain name you finally land on, you should keep these things in mind.

Your domain name ought to be as short as possible. Shorter domains are easier for direct-type ins, It also fits on your in business cards, can be fully visible in search engines, and are social-friendly

Avoid buying a dropped or used domain unless you are aware of the history of the domain.  I once saw an online shopping website that had formerly been a Japanese hacking site. Even if any penalties or negative associations had been cleaned in search engine ranking algorithms, you can imagine that the backlinks to that site were not pretty.

Never put hyphens in your domain. Because it can lead to misunderstanding and confuse your visitors. Additionally, they are easy to forget.

Don’t use domains that are at all linked to someone else’s trademark. This is unlawful and can land you in deep trouble if someone finds out and decides to charge you. Any brand that you build into the domain will be lost as soon as you get that cease and desist notice.

If it is possible then, Use keywords in your domain, it will still build better keywords to domain associations with your customers. Because It will help you to get a higher rank in search engines.

Think about your social presence. If you’re naming a new business, it is a good choice to make sure you can get some other social media accounts like the Facebook page, Twitter handles, LinkedIn profile etc. with the same business name. Before you settle on the domain use to make sure that the most popular social media handles are available as per your domain and business name.

Don’t settle down for the .co TLD of your brand just because it might be available. Though, there are many popular companies like an, calendar. co and pocket. co they still likely lose large amounts of traffic to the .com versions of their domain which are completely unrelated to their business. So keep this point in mind and select an appropriate domain name that will boost your business.


Whatever domain name you choose, it doesn’t going to last for a lifelong. It’s better off starting your web presence with the best solution you can find rather than spending weeks trying to find the perfect domain name.

With some creativity and cleverness, you can find a domain that can work for you either temporarily or for many years. I hope that these tips will be useful to you when your .com is not available.

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