The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions!

The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions
Mar 31 2021
Best Free Google Chrome Extensions

The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions!

With the click of a mouse, you can configure your web surfing experience by adding functionality. The best Chrome browser add-ons are listed below...

Awesome Screenshot

Don't just take standard screenshots. Annotate them with shapes, arrows, and text feedback to make them awesome. In only one swipe, a picture can be uploaded to for storage on Google Drive and fast posting on social media.

Evernote Web Clipper

This is a must-have for anybody who wishes to live an Evernote lifestyle. Evernote is also the easiest way to clip and save anything worth having online, despite certain limitations. This extension makes it easy, even separating what it considers to be a page's key material and storing it separately. It has annotating capabilities built-in. If you save a screenshot, give it a name so you can find it later using or the offline tools and applications.


Lightshot is a simple screen-capture application that captures only what's in the browser with a single click of the toolbar button (download the full programme for macOS or Windows to press the print-screen key to capture anything appearing on the screen). It has a plethora of resources at its hands, ranging from file upload to annotation.


Often the simplest example is a screenshot of what you're doing online. Make one easily with Loom, a video screen recorder that supports voiceovers and helps you to have your webcam mug in the corner. Shoot either the current tab or the whole panel.

Mercury Reader

Install Mercury Reader if you dislike advertisements and strange formatting on site pages. It eliminates the "noise" on a page with a click (or keyboard shortcut) so you only see the text you want to read, in a typeface you can handle, either in a dark or light style. What's left can be shared on social media, printed, emailed, or sent to your Kindle for later reading.

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