How can I make a user-friendly website?

I can make a user-friendly website
Nov 20 2017
I can make a user-friendly website

Today we are living in the Digital world and you will find the website for each purpose. Whether it is job portal, matrimonial site, E-shopping, or any service. Currently, there are 1,288,399,592 websites online while I am writing this blog and there are increasing 2 to 5 websites per second. But how many of these are really effective? How many of them are really adding value to the business? Very few of them, isn’t it? It is because most of them are not user-friendly either they are not responsive or they are difficult to understand. So here I will guide you to how you can make a user-friendly website that will boost your business and grow the number of customers/users/clients.

Follow these steps to make an efficient user-friendly website:

1. Make it Responsive.  

Having a user-friendly, responsive and dynamic website in nowadays gives you lots of advantages over your competitors. It allows you to show your presence in the digital world to your customers. If you have a good, responsive, dynamic website then your customers can directly communicate with you and vice versa.

                 What is a Responsive Website?

What does responsive mean? Sometimes Since people will visit your website from different devices like Android, iPhone, PC, tablet so your website must be seen same on all devices. You can achieve this by making it responsive. Your website’s performance will not be affected and you don’t need to worry about whatever device your customer is using.

Benefits of an attractive and responsive Websites:-

  • It gives your customer valuable information and builds credibility.
  • It makes your brand and allows you to earn off the brand.
  • It increases your customer and popularity.
  • It builds your customer’s loyalty.
  • It allows customers to use it as a suggestion box or feedback. It’s not a perfect world and customers should be encouraged to let you know what can be fixed.
  • It helps to in marketing and more and more people get to know about you.

2. Personalization of Content

It should come as no surprise that where a customer begins and where they ultimately end up are two entirely different places. At the opening of the process, they have diverse needs and interests than when they’re closer to making a purchasing decision.

It depends on your product or service, it’s likely that you work with a few different types of customers or buyer personas. Your website’s content should be designed to speak to these people specifically, however, even with a narrowed focus, it can still be difficult to convey value to persona A without alienating persona B or vice versa.

Personalization of content eliminates the need to appeal to everyone by providing you with an opportunity to tailor content to those that matter. As your visitor evolves from a stranger to a lead to a customer, your website content should evolve with them in order to remain relevant. In other words, it should take into account their lifecycle stage and buyer’s journey. As you gather information about someone over time, you can apply it to your site’s content as a way to personalize their experience and keep them engaged.

3. Social Media Integration

Today Most of the people have internet access and social media account. Social media marketing is very good strategy to promote your product. Most of the user also search you on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. So social media presence in much need in this era. So rather make it difficult on searching, you can put Icons and link to your various social media accounts. If you have Social media account integrated on the website then it is also beneficial in SEO. Read more about SEO here.

Social media provides large number target audience and very good chances for advertisements. So if you are struggling to get customers for your business then follow some tips to boost your business. You can read my blog on How to use Social media for marketing here.

4. Messaging facility

While you want to highlight the unique benefit of what you’re offering, it’s important that you’re tying the customer back into the equation. What can your product or service do for them? What actions do you want them to take? What information will they need before they can complete these actions? It allows the user to solve any doubt on real rime if you have live enabled live chat facility on your every page of the website.

If you have chat or provided any contact number then it will also generate leads and you will get valuable data of clients and you can use them in the email campaign, social media marketing or in cold calling campaigns.

5. A Professional Design

Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone has been known to judge a book by its cover. Your website is no exception. It’s important that businesses recognize that a design that conveys professionalism requires an investment in your brand. Be aware that you get out of your redesign what you put into it. This is not the time or place to pinch pennies. To avoid losing visitors upon arrival, prioritize the following design considerations before you move forward with any rebuilding.


Just because your favorite color is red, doesn’t mean that it makes sense for your website. The color scheme that you use on your website must be associated with your overall branding. Stabilities in color will enable brand recognition, making it easier for potential customers to remember your business. So choose a color that reflects your business and overall theme.


Understanding which styles are the most effective for web copy can mean the difference between a website that encourages visitors to explore or click the back button. With that being said, you want to employ a font style that is easily read on multiple devices.

For example, San Serif fonts are effective for both desktop and mobile web communications. Not only do they take fewer pixels to load due to their complete shape, but they’re simple enough to be used on small mobile canvases without contributing to the visual noise.

So how was it? I’m sure that you get the better idea of making a user-friendly, world-class website. So if your website is according to the above points the not worry about it. If you have already the website and want to re-design it then we can help you just click here and get free Quote today. Either we can develop you a brand new website from here. If you like it then please share this with your friends and colleagues.

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