Complete LinkedIn Marketing Guide

LinkedIn Marketing
Nov 27 2017
LinkedIn Marketing Guide

One word comes to everybody’s mind when it’s come to B2B social media marketing:- LinkedIn. The biggest professional social network in the world features some spectacular opportunities for establishing your online reputation.

More than 380 million professionals use LinkedIn for social networking and building their professional network. These People spend approximately 17 minutes per month exploring LinkedIn content and 13 % of all fellows visit the social network on a daily basis. When it comes to B2B marketing, no other social network is capable to deliver the results and effectiveness like LinkedIn. It is considered a strictly professional social network, however, this one needs a unique marketing approach.

Since it is a strictly professional social network, knowing the particulars and unique features of this social network will be the first condition for making the most of LinkedIn B2B marketing. If you want to build a bigger number of connections and increase the popularity of your brand, you’ll find the following guide to be particularly useful

Key Facts of LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t like Facebook or like Google+. You can’t depend on the same content creation strategy to impress a mainly professional crowd. In this sense, LinkedIn is unique. A few numbers of the spectators, the marketers, and their interactions will shed some light on just how unique this platform is:

• In B2B lead generation via social networks, 80.33% of the leads come from LinkedIn (in comparison – Twitter generated 12.73 % and Facebook – 6.73 %)

• The conversion of company page posts is the impressive 10.07 %

• The conversion of posts in discussion groups goes up to 86.3 %

• A higher proportion of US adults (22 %) uses LinkedIn in comparison to Twitter (19 %)

• It’s interesting to point out that 38 % of the adults having college education are on LinkedIn

• 50 % of the LinkedIn members say they’re more likely to buy from a company that’s active on the social network

• According to 63 % of marketers, LinkedIn is the most effective B2B social network

• In 2012, 65 % of companies acquired new customers through a LinkedIn B2B campaign

Build your Company page

On LinkedIn, the quality of your personal profile matters, but the quality of the company page is even more central. Designing a company page on LinkedIn may look to be as simple as filling out all of the required fields, but in general, this process requires a bit more thought and creativity.

First of all, make sure that all of your corporate identity elements are covered and seen on the page. That includes your company’s detailed description, logo, slogan and anything else that can be used to increase brand awareness. You should add the right company specialties according to your company these are keywords that people will use to find a business in a particular field. Following details that are very important include:

• Your company size (Numbers of employee)

• Corporate website

• Founded Year

• Your company’s main industry with which you’re dealing.

In first sight, some of these details may seem too irrelevant, but they paint a complete picture of your company. These details show projections how long you’ve been in business, what you specialize in, how big your business is, and whether you have all of the competencies that a potential client may be interested in.

The next step of designing the page is bringing the whole thing to page. You can make it happen by getting colleagues engaged in the promotional efforts.

If everybody’s on board, you’ll find it a lot easier to increase the reach and address the right target viewers. If your employees doing some of the promotion or sharing the page, then it will be an ideal word of mouth strategy that will help grow the page. Once you get a bigger number of followers, your task will be limited to uploading new content and allowing the audience to do the promotion for you.

A final thing I would like to share is adding a LinkedIn button to your website like you do for other social media. People that visit your pages may also like to stay connected with the company on LinkedIn. This is simple and highly effective when it comes to building a community.

Join LinkedIn Groups

It’s my modest opinion that every business should be represented in relevant LinkedIn groups. These provide opportunities for interactions with individuals having a particular interest in the field, individuals that can easily turn into customers.

  • Join the Right Groups

This one is a no-brainer. In order to find people that will be interested in your products and services, you’ll need to identify the right groups.

  • Share Your Experience

Group participation isn’t about pushing your products/services. This approach can only get you banned. Rather, interact meaningfully with others. Answer questions on the basis of your experience. Participate in a lively discussion that will remain among the top posts for a longer period of time.

  • Connect with Some Group Members
  • Ask Questions and Generate Discussions
  • Be Consistent
  • Write and post some good articles and posts.

Now LinkedIn has added a new feature to write an article which can be used as a marketing tool for you and you can educate and build community through it.

  • Use LinkedIn Paid Ad effectively.

LinkedIn advertising is all about having a complete profile, joining the right groups, and creating valuable content and articles. Actuality focused and is committed to giving your audience some value and becoming a thought leader is one of the strategies that will give you the most pronounced results.

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