7 Ways to come up with new idea

7 Ways to come up with new idea
Sep 09 2017
7 Ways to come up with new idea

If you’re getting trouble while generating blog ideas, then try these seven strategies that you never run out for new ideas. Here you will find how to get ideas to write your own blog and follow your passion.

1) Read. A Lot.

Books are the best friends of humans and no one can give better ideas than books. You will get lost in ideas and topics to write about by reading simply one book. We all know how important reading is for a good blogger or for the writer and also know about how much value one can get from reading and learning from the book. So keep reading and keep writing.

2) Get into the Habit of Taking Notes

We take notes on just about everything we see around the web. Different folks on our team have different systems, from Evernote to simple text docs, or article to simple notepad. But try to use tools for keeping note that you can have them at any time from the web.

3) Talk to Your Customers

Ultimately, we all write for our customers. Or at least for the people who might one day become our customers. If you are interacting with

4) “Copy” What’s Worked for Others

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t really mean you should steal people’s work. That’s not cool. But you can absorb a ton from observing what works for other blogs, and then put your own unique spin on it. You can use a similar strategy. There is nothing wrong with it unless you steal the content of others.

5) Do Keyword Research

All game of SEO is based on keyword and the choice of the right keyword can go in favour of you. After finalizing the keyword for your blog, you have to put it in the right place to get more and more traffic. Content marketing isn’t about stuffing keywords into a post. I don’t like to play that game. First and foremost, content marketing is about delivering value to people, solving their problems and building relationships.

6) Scan Social Media, Forums and Other Online Communities

To get more and more ideas and what is trending, no one can beat social media. You can get easily hundreds of ideas for your blog. Social media can also play a good role to track your audience. So if you know your customers, you probably know where your customers hang out online. Who are their influencers, the types of blogs they frequently read or whom they follow? In what communities they’re involved in. By doing some research and all you will defiantly get ideas for your viewers.

7) Encourage Comments and Emails

Almost every single time we publish a post, someone comments asking for a post on a different topic. Get the ideas and views of your readers and customers so that you can provide the same what they actually want and you will get recognition over time.

Keep in touch to explore more ideas to write a great blog. If you find this blog useful then don’t forget to share it on Facebook with your friends. Stay connected for more ideas.

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