6 easy inbound marketing Ideas to increase business

6 easy inbound marketing
Nov 16 2017
inbound marketing Ideas to increase business

Inbound marketing is a strategy that focuses on attracting customers, or leads, via company-created Internet content, thereby having potential customers come to the company rather than marketers vying for their attention. This type of marketing tries to make it easier for customers, who are already actively looking for goods or services via the Internet, to find what a company offers. here we'll see which are these ideas and how they beneficial for you and how it is beneficial for your company?

1. Make an attractive reward Program

Reward programs are a planned way to develop trust with forecasts in your target audience. B2B referral software programs, such as Influitive’s AdvocateHub, let you build out a Reward program on their platform to help your business capture customer enthusiasm and use it to increase your marketing lead generation and sales determinations.

They do so by incentivizing clients, partners, and workers to be the brand promoters of your target community by the implementation of challenges, where they are rewarded for content they create, online reviews they post, forums they participate in and blogs they comment on, and testimonials and case studies they submit. It adds additional traction and new openings for business and brand engagement as you share this reference content with others and gain new lead conversions. In the meantime, the promoters earn points and badges and advance to various levels, where they can cash in on a variety of perks and privileges.

These programs often interface directly with CRMs like, providing additional visibility and engagement opportunities for your sales team, all of which can lead to quick new business and revenue opportunities.

2. Apart from Rewards, Run Social media campaign

Social Media is one of the most effective communication and advertising channels. But Cutting through the noise can be challenging, and often, marketers must use paid social. Marketing strategies to amplify their message in social platforms. Here you will get the full idea about how to use Instagram for social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offer paid advertising prospects to advance new marketing-qualified leads with targeted Pay-Per-Click ads and boost campaigns. Twitter allows you to promote a tweet as per your requirement and PPC or social paid ads can be effective— again.  Decide a target area, people and make a strategy and boos page, Tweet, post or service on Social media.

3. Retargeting the successful Campaigns.

You might aware of retargeting marketing already. But in case you’re not aware, retargeting ads/marketing are a form of paid display advertising, like Google Adwords Display ads, that are targeted to people who have already visited your website or are a contact in your databases like a lead or customer. You can read more here about retargeting marketing here.

Once you started to generate leads and converting them. Soon you get addicted and always wish to run same campaign. But you have to adopt new ways and strategy to promote your business. Yes, some campaign and ways are still evergreen. You there is no harm to retarget or re-launch your successful campaigns.

Cookies are used to anonymously follow your online audience around the Web after they leave your site. Remarketing uses the Cookies to track your visitor’s data like their interest, the page they visit most etc.  If your sightseer leaves your website but does not convert after reading a particular blog post, you can post retargeting ads on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google to drive these same people to view another blog post on your site about the same topic.

Naturally, below 2% of your website, visitors will convert when they come the first time on your site before leaving. Retargeting marketing helps you focus on the other 98%, cheering these people who’ve already been on your site to return and convert. It’s great. Isn’t it?

4.Use Paid Content Distribution

Use of paid content discovery and delivery platforms, such as Outbrain, are a great way to increase traffic to your site. These content marketing platforms offer display links to your content as references on the web’s largest content publishers including sites like, ESPN, Just like Google Adwords, you set a select and pay per click (PPC) for these platforms. TechnoBits Digital also offers this services and you can know about it from here.

Content Delivery and Distribution platforms like the ones listed above make use of targeting on social media to many popular blogging sites to increase engagement and encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. They recommend interesting articles, posts, videos, slideshows, photos, blog posts to your readers in a way that does a more actual job than the more basic related item widget. By using content discovery platforms, you can target content to specific websites where you know your visitors are hanging out.

5. Run a Survey and create your own research report

Another great way to generate leads for your organization is creating your own research report on trends affecting your industry yes it is time-consuming but very worthwhile. You can make your own research report based on a feedback, survey from your target audience. In addition, you need to be very careful while selecting questions like never being coercive or asking such a questions where the answer is indirect. The best way to conduct the survey by putting demographic questions first and make sure they are mandatory to answer, arranged from high-level and general strategic questions to more tactical and specific ones, and randomizing your question pattern, especially with multiple choice surveys/ feedback forms.

Then use you can easily this data as the basis for your own research report, looking for patterns, similarities, and outliers in the data. This is also known as data mining and you can get maximum specific data from this technique. Creating your own data has another real benefit: Statistics and numbers usually create the highest level of the visit and social sharing on Twitter. You can link to the report from the Tweet, where you’ll generate new leads and create new integrity for your brand.

6.Drive traffic from Blogs and E-books.

Writing and uploading rich blog on your website and posting them on social media will defiantly work for you. If your blog and content are rich then the user will defiantly involve in your services and product. You can educate your visitors about your product and services by using the blog and also do marketing on social media. Providing free E-books has now become trends in marketing. You can make the e-book of blogs and send them as to subscribers through mail campaign. You also can boost post by providing free E-books to peoples. This is one of the new trending strategies.

I hope that you will use this simple inbound and cost-effective marketing tricks to generate leads and convert them. You can find many blogs related to social media marketing and SEO here. I hope that you enjoyed it and never forget to share this with your friends on following social media platforms.

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