5 things to be done before starting your First Blog.

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Sep 09 2017
5 things to be done

If you are a beginner in blogging or thinking to start your own blog then this article is for you. There are always some checklists that you should do before starting any new task. Blogging is not an exception in this also. I have noted some important things that should be do0ne before writing your first blog. I hope you will enjoy it and it would be very helpful to you. So let’s started.

1. Select your Blog Name.

The blog name is the most important part of a blog because it is an important factor to advertise and promoting your blog. If your main keyword is part of your blog name then it will be helpful to promote your blog in digital marketing. If it is possible, then include your keyword phrase in your Blog name. While selecting a blog name keep in mind that it’s easy to spell and makes sense to your audience. Many times it happens that URLs don’t make any sense to outsiders. The shorter name the better.

2. Select your Blogging Platform.

There are numerous blogging platforms available out there, from Blogger and Tumblr to WordPress, Squarespace and Ghost. Or if you're feeling bold and know your code, you can create your blog from scratch. The platform you choose will very much depend on what you're most comfortable using, how involved you want to be with the creation process, and what is your plan to put on it. The best part is that most of these are either free blog platforms or offer a trial session so you can give it a whirl and see if it suits you.

3. Determine your Target Audience

Determining who your actual audience is will help you focus not only on creating well-focused and great content but on creating the right content. Your target audience could be anything like kids, teenagers, working professionals, or every one of them. If your content are well related to your target audience then it will be helpful to increase your popularity among the group.

4. Select Blog design and theme

When creating a design blog lots of factors come into play like colour, theme, design etc. After all, you want your blog to stand out and for people to remember you. Can you imagine how harmful can a rainbow of colours and a plethora of fonts be? The answer is: Very. So keep your blog design simple. Stick to no more than three colours and three fonts. You need a heading, subheading and body copy font. Your main text font can then be improved by different attributes or weights, but keep these to a minimum and keep a simple colour scheme.

5. Create Social media account and start Promotion

There is no meaning to start a blog without learning how to promote it. This is where social media comes and plays important role in branding in today’s world. You create Facebook, Google+ pages or adverts or Twitter handles for your blog, or you may use existing accounts to shout promote it. If you are having a lot of images on your blog, then you can go with Pinterest and Instagram accounts too. After all, marketing is everything in the Digital world.

So I hope that you have got and basic idea about how to start a blog and which things you should keep in mind while creating the blog. So why are you waiting? Go on and start blogging. Our team will keep you updated with more efficient and useful blogging techniques.

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