11 Amazing Time-Saving Tips for Content Writer

Amazing Time-Saving Tips
Sep 14 2017
11 Amazing Time-Saving Tips for Content Writer

Do you really want to increase your efficiency and reduce your stress levels? If your answer is YES then, a few simple changes in your daily work habits can make a huge difference!! If you’re a content writer who doesn't find enough time in the day to complete everything you want to, then this article is for you.

Here are 11 tips for you to save time and make worthy the most of your work hours.

1.    Make a strategy before you start writing content.

 When you start creating the content without an outline or overview of what you want to attain, you will possibly have to do more modifications later or even redo some of your work from scratch. Save your time in the long run by devoting a few minutes to making an outline when you start working. If you know which points you want to cover, you will be able to create the piece more quickly and easily.

2.    Know who your audience is.

You can save your valuable time and modifications by determining for whom you are creating content in the first place. Make some audience personas, if you have not already, and keep them on the notice as you start working. Think about what kind of quality and approach will be most effective with your future readers.

3.    Do one thing at a time.

Multitasking might make you feel fruitful, but in fact according to neuroscientists, it actually just distracts you from both of the things you’re trying to do. It also saps your energy, leaving you with less willpower and motivation for later. No matter how full your to-do list is, don’t be tempted to multitask. Knock out one task at a time.

4.    Recycle your content.

Classic content is difficult to create, so why don’t you use most of it from existing? Always look for methods to repurpose your best pieces so they will keep on working for you. For example, turn a how-to blog post into a Slide Share presentation, or turn the information from a chapter of your e-book into an infographic for your website.

5.    Find productivity tools that work for you.

There are lots of productivity state of art tools and apps that can help you stay on a single task and work more efficiently. Content-gathering tools like Trendspottr can help you stay on top of breaking news in your field, while apps like StayFocusd and RescueTime help you to keep a record of your working hours and avoid disturbances.

6.    Drop unnecessary tasks.

We all are used to doing more unnecessary tasks than the most important ones. If you are not getting any results from something you do on a regular basis, stop doing it. Give that time towards something more useful. Soon you will see the results in your work and content also.

7.    Create classic content.

Classic content has so many long-term benefits, so creating it is a smart investment of your time. It is still well to create some seasonal or time-bound content, of course, but make sure some of your content will stay fresh and useful for months or years to come. This classic content can be used at any time and whenever you want

8.    Spend time on the right social media channels.

This is the most important tip because most people nowadays are addicted to social media and waste their time on unnecessary activities of social media. Social media is a critical part of content marketing, so make sure you’re using it well. Focus your efforts on such a platform that you know your target audience uses. Don’t waste your time on platforms that are not related. For example, there is no point in carefully crafting your tweets every week if your target audience is using Pinterest and Instagram.

9.     Create an idea bank.

To prevent your mind from going blank when you need a good idea, have a small notebook with you all the time. Note down all the thoughts that cross your mind no matter how big and small they are. You never know which one will serve you just when you need it later.

10.     Take some little breaks.

If you push so hard then could be dangerous for you – you will get mentally exhausted, you will make more errors, and need longer to recover later. Keep your energy levels always up by step yourself. Take small breaks of minutes every hour or two to get up and stretch or you can try to make a cup of tea, or read a few pages of a book. If you have a habit of forgetting to take breaks, remind yourself by using a reminder. I personally use this trick and it is giving me positive results.

11.     Do similar tasks in groups.

Try to do similar tasks all at once, instead of distributing them out over the day or week. Once you hit your channel with the first task, all the rest of them will be easier. For example, if you have to make several phone calls, list them and block off half an hour to get them all done. Apply this strategy for other tasks also and save your valuable time.

These are the tricks that I use in regular working and saving up to 3 to 4 hours per day. Try these out and tell me how your experience in the comment box is. If you have your own effective ideas then share them with us and I will try my best to cover them in my next blog post. Till then keep visiting and signing out for now.

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