How to attract customers through E mail Marketing?

attract customers through E mail Marketing
Sep 27 2022
How to attract customers through E mail Marketing?

Email marketing is still one of the best digital channels for return on investment (ROI). In fact, a study by Econsultancy it is found that the revenue generated by email marketing is rising—with 68% of companies ranking email as the best channel for Return Of Interest.

But, these results aren’t much surprising. On average People spend over 30 hours a week reading emails. For those marketers, who are serious about reaching potential customers through this high-performing method, email retargeting can defiantly help. Driving more immediate sales is one way to improve the profitability of your store. However, experience and eCommerce data show that not all visitors are ready to make a purchase immediately. It doesn’t matter how many discounts or special offers you provide, some visitors are simply not ready to buy.

So let’s see how can you attract customers to your website and compel them to buy and increase your sale.


Despite the growth of social media and search engine marketing, email list building has never been more important – especially when it comes to converting website visitors into buyers. Onsite retargeting is one of the best ways to build a healthy email list of visitors who are actually interested in your products. Using well-timed popups, you can provide irresistible incentives in exchange for your visitor’s contact information. Let’s check out the most powerful ways you can use to build your email list!

Highlight your newsletter subscription

Before we look at different incentives, it’s worth mentioning you can use to simply promote your newsletter subscription without offering any incentive. This is especially the case for websites that send newsletters regularly, and include valuable information and relevant content for their visitors.

Promote VIP membership

Everyone likes to be “treated like a VIP”. Creating or promoting a VIP membership or perks E-mail program is a great way to encourage visitors to sign up for your email list. This can be free shipping for members, content such as customized tips and suggestions, or even free entry to corporate events and webinars., the Australian online retailer, uses a popup to encourage visitors to sign up and join the community. To make subscriptions easy, Kogan provides social signup in addition to the traditional manual email option.

Offer email-only-deals

In addition to a VIP membership, “email-only” deals can be a powerful incentive for a subscription. This way, your visitors will get the feeling of “belonging to a club” and will also be motivated to subscribe by the deals which are only available through email. uses email-only-deals to capture their visitors’ email addresses. They put particular emphasis on the benefits subscribers receive when they signup: special discounts, events and other exclusive promotions.

Like VIP membership and basic newsletter signup, you can display this popup to new and returning visitors, with a focus on cold leads. You can also use this popup throughout your site.

Provide discounts and incentives

Providing an immediate discount or incentive can be even more effective to gather the email addresses of your hottest leads – visitors who have clearly expressed interest in your products or added an item to their cart.

While discounts target price-sensitive users, everyone likes to get something for less. Offering a discount or incentive in exchange for an email address helps drive more immediate sales and allows you to market to your hottest leads later on and convince them to buy – even if they’ve abandoned their cart and left your site!

You can display this popup to new and returning visitors. Like typical newsletter signup, it can be displayed throughout your site. You can also expand your targeting to include warm leads from high-converting AdWords and other traffic sources because the popup includes a discount that encourages immediate purchase.

Whitepapers and eBooks

Free eBooks, case studies and whitepapers are some of the most effective giveaways for email list building purposes. When the information is valuable and the content is relevant, your visitors will happily provide their email addresses in exchange for the download.

You can display a popup with an eBook or whitepaper incentive to new and returning visitors, and use it throughout your site. While it can be displayed to cold leads, this popup is most effective when it’s displayed to visitors who have visited articles on similar topics.

Launch a contest or sweepstakes

Everybody loves to win something – especially when the prize is worthwhile. When you provide the opportunity to win in exchange for a subscription, you are providing your visitors with the opportunity to get something for free. You can capture lots of new subscribers with this approach. In the example below, Guilty Soles, a shoe retailer, promotes a contest to win a pair of shoes for subscribers. To be entered in the contest, visitors only need to submit their email address and the store chooses one lucky subscriber who gets a beautiful pair of shoes for free.

Free giveaways and product samples

Offering free samples and gifts can be an expensive approach to email list building. You also expose yourself to bargain hunters and sample hunters who are always on the lookout for a free deal. Despite these drawbacks, free giveaways can be a very effective way to gather new subscribers. Plus, with a sample of your product to test for themselves, these subscribers are more likely to buy with confidence from your store.

While a contest or sweepstakes usually provides one product that is high in value, offering free samples typically involves sending thousands or even tens of thousands of products of lesser value. As a result, the cost of subscriber acquisition can be more expensive for product giveaways compared to running a contest.

Before you use this approach, calculate the postage and handling fees, along with the cost of the giveaways to be sure the time and resources invested will be worth it for your store. When you use this approach, it should also be directed at your hottest leads for the greatest ROI.

We hope that you will try these ways to increase your customer sales by Email marketing. In addition to capturing the email address of visitors who are interested, but leave your site without buying immediately, onsite retargeting can also help you increase sales by reducing cart abandonment. You can visit our previous blog on Re-Targeting your audience: - New E-commerce Marketing strategy

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